You may have tried but be warned Easyview will load your system with malware and viruses! and why you should avoid the site at all costs! was once a very popular website offering free British TV online that was easy to access and free. What they didn’t understand is running any TV server is expensive and you simply cannot rely on “donations” to survive. They tried Adsense but running illegal TV streams is against Adsense terms, so they found themselves banned from using Adsense.

Revenue became an issue for Easyview. They decided to try a VPN affiliate program that simply does not pay. There are so many VPN services that the market has become saturated to a point where you can access VPNs for free. With that, Easyview were not making any revenue from their VPN affiliate programs.

Their final decision was to load their website with malicious popups and advertising that would infect the end users device with unwanted malware, worms and viruses. They still do that today! Every visitor to is at risk! They load the popups in malicious ways, a “notification” popup that asks you “allow” or “deny”, click deny and it loads a malicious popup in the background infecting your system. Selecting a channel or changing channels works in the same way. If you try and use a private browser to avoid virus ridden cookies, the channels will not load.

See the fake notification box that appears on the top left of below:

Fake Notification Box

It doesn’t matter what button you click, it is a fake notification box! Click Deny and a malicious popup advert will appear in another browser window, such as the one below:

Malicious Easyview Flash Popup Advert

As you can see it is telling you to install Adobe Flash. Flash is now obsolete from every browser due to its security flaws. By downloading that from the popup it is not Adobe Flash, it is a virus that will infect your system with malware, eventually preventing any program from working. It will also steal your private information and load your browser with unwanted popups.

Let’s take a look at the donation message in the footer of

Donation Scam

“All streams are the official streams found online” > That is basically total rubbish. If you right click and view the source page of any channel on Easyview, you will see that they are using OVH servers to restream channels from the sources they pay for.

“The quality of this service is “best effort” since it is our hobby” > Again complete rubbish. If their hobby is taking donations and spreading malware then they are seriously sick people!

“If you have any problems with the streams you may message us on Facebook” > Have you seen that page? Have you seen the complaints? If that was anyone who cared about their business they would close that page down and offer support from their own website, not social media. I think the last reply from Easyview on that page was around 8 months ago!

No privacy policy, no cookie policy, no contact us page and no terms of service page that you would normally see in any legit website you visit online.

So avoid at all costs! It’s not safe for anyone on any device!

Why are we telling you this on our website? Are we a competitor? Surely we can’t get away with slandering another website or service on our own website that offers the same service?

Well yes we can get away with this because Easyview is not a legit business or website and they simply do not care for the end user. There is no privacy policy in place to warn users about advertising cookies. There is no cookie notice bar installed for EU law with cookie options that allow the end user to disable cookies or part of the cookie services. Easyview has spread dangerous malware to many end users and machines across the internet. We know for a fact that Easyview will try their hardest to attack us rather than reason with us or change their ways because they simply haven’t got a leg to stand on.

How are we any different to

Feel free to donate, it is not mandatory as we have other ways to pay our costs and let’s start by breaking down the costs:

  1. We need a server to restream the channels from the source to the website. That is a cost of €470 per month.
  2. We do purchase some channels from certified providers at a further €150 per month.
  3. To protect our website users and servers we use premium versions of security plugins both website and server-side at a cost of €40 per month.
  4. We pay for a license to restream channels to our website from the third party sources at a cost of €59 per month.
  5. The hosting for this website is €99 per month. Sounds a lot? Well the demand is there and we use a very fast port to deal with the traffic.

How do we pay for all of this? is not our only website. It is our only TV website but we run other sites, such as a social network, video conference service and a handful of other sites. Some are earning a revenue, some are not. We delve into various other projects that seem a good bet and once built, leave to grow. If they don’t grow, they are always there incase demand grows for that niche.

We also have a little banner advert at the bottom of every channel. If you want more channels in FHD, HD and SD then we recommend you join the website attached to the banner when you click it. For every member who signs up and takes out a plan there, we earn a small commission. It is all these factors that allow us to provide you with a free service to watch UK TV from abroad without registration, nothing to download, just plain simple British TV channels accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Thank you for reading and spread the word! One of our objectives is to rid the internet of malicious websites, hackers, scammers and spammers. If we can find a website that is hurting people we do our best to replicate it and make it free without compromise for everyone to enjoy!